Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tattoo portrait - Selena

Tattoo portrait - Selena
Acrylic on wood

My friend Selena has everything I could ever want in a chest-piece: A skull, a Day of the Dead SUGAR Skull no less, cup cakes!, roses, lollipops, sprinkles, hearts, ice cream cones... I have a bit of tattoo envy. And I love love love tattoos. I have one, a gorgeous rose on my back, and would love a million-an-a-half more... But money, and a job that would certainly not allow my dreams of Circus-sideshow style tattoo-dom, cut my dreams short. Which is fine, because I keep doing all these fun tattoo - portrait paintings. And living vicariously through my friends.


Chrisy said...

wow..cupcakes! she sounds like a unique person! great drawing too!

Anonymous said...

Very cool piece of art - I'm loving those tats too!!