Friday, August 15, 2008

Gourd & Paper clay mermaids, faeries, a mushroom, and a bird in a party hat.

Group shot!

I had made a lot of little mermaids and a chubby gourd bird and a gourd fairy for Ms V's Mad Tea Party... but then I killed my camera, Boo! So, with the little sister's help, I got to take a lot of lovely photos of those pieces outside. They are all gourd with polymer clay / papermache & clay sculpting, and I painted everything with acrylics and mica powders.

Chubby bird in a party hat.
(Funny, he's pink, but definately a boy in my brain.)
Gourd with paperclay beak, paper party hat, and feather tail.

This mermaid has a polymer clay face, with paper mache/paper clay hair and arms, and a paper mache fin. She's sculpted on a Tenessee spinner gourd and a banana gourd.

Gourd faerie!
Tennessee spinner and banana gourds, with paper clay... and silk flowers/ribbon/and some wire & tulle wings.

This is my gypsy queen mermaid. I used the same Tennessee spinner/banana gourd combo with paperclay and paper mache. But then I made a headdress/crown out of ribbon, feathers, beads and rhinestones and I dressed her in some fabric bits. She has multicolored yarn for hair that I styled.
Lots of glue-gun action for this.

Two views of my gourd mushroom. I made it from a banana gourd (notice a trend? ^_^) and a scrap gourd piece. It was painted with a very fun silk-dye technique. It looks perfect outside.

I think this mermaid is my favorite, or at least today she is. Same construction method as before, paperclay & mache over gourds, but I sculpted a short hair-style for her, and made a little blue eyelash yarn boa.

All my mermaids are hand-painted, I used a lot of mica powders and metallic paints for the tails, they are super gorgeous and sparkley.

I almost forgot Marilyn, sans wings, I glued them on later.

(I decided on a different pair 3 times.)

Paper mache and paper clay. No gourds! Amazing ^_^

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