Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too much?

I've been working, working, working!

Cloud of Chamomile
Acrylic on canvas, with all sorts of metallic micas and rich dyes and glazes to get that shimmery bright translucent color. I love how all those little flowers came out.

There have been many paintings and sketches and things going on around here. Sometimes I forget to share. All this week I've been working all on magical new things. Mermaids, and faeries and angels to be exact... and in 3-d! I've been covered in paper pulp and paper clay all week. I forgot forgot forgot how much I loved sculpting since I haven't done it since college. I can't wait to share! There are fishes and new paintings to share as well, still, I only have a video camera and scanner, no regular picture camera! So what do I do? Decide to shoot videos!

Am I trying too hard, doing too much? Painting, gourds, sculptures, video... I really want to make stop motion animation films too. Who needs sleep?

When I thought about videos, I really wanted to do something that is like Good Eats, but with art. I don't really know anything about video so it is very very slow going. And frustrating! Still, I am painting a small piece and documenting the process. While I am learning how to use the video camera and editing software I made a video of me flipping through two of my sketchbooks.

It's fun, frustrating, and sort of addictive.

Stills from the video in the works:

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