Saturday, July 5, 2008

3 down 6 to go

Face Study 2008
I don't even know what style I want to paint in, really. I can paint in a lot of different ways, it is hard for me to chose... but I know want a cohesive body of work so I need to figure out what my unique style really is. Do I want to be a decorative painter, a realistic painter, an illustrator, a children's artist, a fine artist, a folk artist... Who knows? I know what I like, and what I do not... but I don't want to paint like anyone else. With this study I was trying to work out just how to paint faces for future paintings... I am sort of happy with it, but I need to tweak some details. But I've already moved onto another piece, so the learning process will continue there.

I've been floundering with a grouping of paintings that I can't seem to finish. I'm having so many issues with painting in general; really with the ideas, with the ability to cull and edit and not put every idea into one piece. I get so so so frustrated that I worry and bite my nails an lose sleep all over paintings that I am working on. I hate having pieces not finished. I want them done, I want them done *Yesterday* and I want them to be the perfect way that I have them in my head. And then I want to be able to add every little bit and piece of technique and medium and painterly style into one poor little 5" x 7" piece until it is muddled and muddy and cluttered and a bit disjointed... Nothing goes together, the composition doesn't work... and what is happing with those colors? There are days I want to break my paint brushes.
And there are days that things just work... that I'm not too worried about the finished product, that I can just sit and paint.

Those days are magic.

I've been painting and trying to ignore the desire to pick a piece a part until I hate it, or overthink and overpaint a piece until I hate it.
I just keep working and working, hoping to get passed this... and if it gets too much I put the paintings away for a while.

Here are the latest two in acrylic, beeswax, and mica on wood.

Lush 2008
I called this piece Lush because thats what I was thinking about while painting it, lush green foliage. I wish I could have a garden, but I can't make plants grow. The moths were going to be butterflies, but I didn't want to add anymore colors, so I left them white and glowing like ghost moths. Originally (in the Youtube 'making of' video) the girl was not a faerie.. but then I added wings because it just felt right... or because I love faeries. I feel like the style I've been working in has a bit of that 'children's illustrator' quality to it from back in the day when I wanted to illustrate books. Also it seems I have a thing for that watery ethereal blue eyes.

Cloud Cover 2008
I always feel the need to tell stories with/about my work, but this piece just sort of happened. I had painted the girl, becuase that is just what my default painting subject happens to be, and I was playing with some heavy gel gloss adding layers of color and texture in the background... then the shapes looked like clouds so I went with it. The arcs of rain were inspired by rainbows... they are like little rainbow slides for the raindrops to cascade down. I know its silly ^_^ but it doesn't get much deeper than that on my end, I'll leave it up to the viewer to decide their own meaning.


3rdEyeMuse said...

all three are terrific, but the fce study is exceptional! I love her eyes and mouth - wow.

Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, very lovely work!!!

Marty Nozz said...

The eyes really draw me in in all of your pieces. Beautifully done.