Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick portrait on cardstock turns out great, much to my annoyance.

Portrait of Krista
Acrylic on paper

This is a painting of my little sister, we call her Roo, but you can call her Krista. Her bangs are purple in the front but not pure purple, a faded some-of-her-natural-color-is-showing-through sort of purple, and were a pain to paint. When she grows up she wants to be a Rockstar/Astronaut/Pirate/Pro-Skateboarder. (Or she did when she was younger.) Now she wants to be an author, which is more achievable than a dolphin, which is what her older sister aspired to be. Also, she makes funny faces in pictures. Every single one, its Roo making a funny face. Oh look! A painting of Roo! Making a weird face!
She is also the little sister that I paint the most. (I have 4 sisters. Roo is painted exponentially more than anyone else.) Also, most of my paintings of my little sister are some of my best, freshest works. Take this piece, for example, acrylics on cardstock, painted in 2 hours.

I normally agonize over a painting for days, at least, sometimes months. (Sometimes years, no kidding, years.)
So I sent her a message that basically said I hated her because, "See, Krista, I never finish anything awesome in two hours, especially not with crappy paints and other shoddy materials.

You realize what this means, yes? I am doomed to paint pictures of you for the rest of my life, if I want them to be made quickly and look awesome."

I'm doomed.
But I don't actually hate my sister (she knows that too, don't worry about her). I recognize life lessons after they happen, which is better than not recognizing them at all... slow down when painting, stop worrying, Stop Worrying, and stop overthinking and overpainting pieces. Maybe I will just start painting Krista in every single piece I do.

( I uploaded a newer, better scan of this painting. I'm getting better at using the evil scanner.)

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