Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Journal Page 11 &12

Here is Journal Page 11 from Sunday.
The top half of the image was done by hand, and then the bottom half I tried to duplicate the idea of it digitally.

Sunday was a visiting-the-family-day. We packed up the car with gifts, and drove two hours south to see everyone. I have four sisters, so there was a lot of talking and eating and excitement... and gift-giving. Monday was a visiting-the-family-hang over day. I did manage to get to the art store and buy some much needed new paint brushes and two very large canvases which I can't wait to paint on.

Journal Page 12:

I almost missed the memo that this was a color-a-day themed week. But it turns out I was doing a blue page for Monday anyway. Which I ended up finishing digitally because I didn't want to ruin my ultrasound photos.

I have about a million and a two fonts on my computer. I find them, I love them, I never use them. The same goes with photoshop brushes and textures and all of that. It was nice to use materials that I didn't have to pay for ^_^ Now if only I could get the hang of all this digital stuff. I see all the goodies on my computer then I forget about things like composition.

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Tess said...

Both of your blue pages are awesome. Congrats on the expected bundle of joy! I like your mermaid too. Well done. Isn't this fun?