Thursday, January 8, 2009

Journal Page 8

Journal Page 8 ; Nest
This girl has followed me around for almost a year now. A lot of times images get stuck in my head, like this one, the girl with her nest in the forest. She has been created in varying styles and medium from canvas painting to a simple doodle in my sketchbook.. After creating and recreating this image so much, I'm starting to think she is a bit of a self-portrait. The more I look at her, the more I think she is pregnant, and the entire image is about pregnancy. (She's been with me since before I was pregnant, which makes the realization a bit more profound, and mystifying... ) Is that crazy? Does your body know more about you than you do? I don't know, it all sounds a little crazy to me. But sometimes that is what this whole art-making thing is for me... I'm just telling myself stories, I'm just working out things I didn't quite realize before I made the piece. Maybe I haven't gotten her right yet and so she sticks around.
On a different note - I really enjoyed gluing all those strips of book pages down. I've always wanted to incorporate a bit of collage into my work (but it seems like its a bit of what everyone is doing right now.) I'm still working everyday, trying to find my voice.

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