Thursday, March 5, 2009


Where in the world did February go?!
OH my.

Everything around Katlandia is stuck in that odd sort of sped-up but slowed-down sort of time frame. Days go by slowly, joyfully, and then they turn into weeks... then zoom! February just passed us right on by. A lot of wonderful February days were spent simply day dreaming, doodling, lazily painting, and waiting for the weather to get just a bit warmer.
It is beautiful in Florida right now, cool and breezy. All the flowers on our bushes outside exploded into being, all of them are pink pink pink! We keep the windows and doors open all the time. We can grill outside, its strawberry season (YUM!) and if it warms by just a few more degrees, we can swim in the pool. This is my favorite time to be in Florida.

We moved into a much nicer home with an extra room and are preparing for the baby. Sometimes you just get so swept away with the whole packing and unpacking thing that moving into a new place feels like it takes months!

Only a month and a half to go until we get to meet the little guy, my due date, according to the ultrasound, is now officially April 19th. Not that it means anything to a baby, they do what they want. Right now, judging from all the movement, I think its the hokey-pokey.

Miss Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist tried my favorite recipe right now, Sticky Lemon Chicken, and took the yummiest looking photo. Now I know the recipe I want to try out on the grill next.

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