Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog PaRtY!

Miss V over at A Fanciful Twist is having her second annual Mad Tea party! June 27th? Can't wait!

Elf baby and I will be attending. I have some treats in mind already. Like maybe making some tea cup candles inspired by Martha:

Aren't they sweet? I just love parties. I want to make a cute little hat or some booties for elf baby too. Have you seen the swirl hats from SwirlyHats on etsy? I kinda want one for me.

Or this cute pink number, by Kathe Kruse, I'll take one of those too! It looks like a flower AND a strawberry!
Elf baby can definitely fit into these... my feet.. not so much. Why are my feet so huge?! More importantly why is there such a shortage of cute shoes for those of us with size ten feetsies? Cute elf booties project by Jenny B Harris. Her blog is marvelous!

And while I was searching for more party inspiration I found this gorgeous pink and black wedding reception decor, which I am loving:

(Photo credit Sang An from

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