Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Keian, (4 weeks)

Hey baby!
You are officially one month old, and I am officially one day late writing this. Can you believe that I decided to sleep in yesterday instead of write your letter? I know, I have my priorities completely in order. I refuse to feel guilty about it, its been a long time since sleeping was even an option, let alone getting a bit of extra sleep. You sleep a bit more now too, thank you. Your dad and I finally figured out a sleeping schedule that almost works for everyone... and I'll take an almost because we are working with three people there is no way we are going to please everyone 100% of the time.

You grunt more now, it makes me laugh. You do not like to be bothered while you are eating or sleeping. You grunt at me, and daddy, if we touch you because HOW DARE WE BOTHER YOU WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO EAT/SLEEP?! Seriously, little guy, it just makes me bother you even more. And laugh. I'm evil, I know. I think we are witnessing your first attempts at talking, or at least communication beyond crying. Babies develop so fast! It is amazing to be able to watch it every day.

My hormones are still leveling themselves off, or whatever it is that hormones do after you give birth. Having you changed the way my body acts so much that I'm not really surprised by anything that it does anymore. I've always had very clear skin, not now, whatever concoction of hormones coursing through me has given the loveliest face full of acne. Oddly, my hair is more shiny, thick, and beautiful than it has been ever. You win some, you lose some, I guess.
Speaking of hormones, I still cry at silly things. I keep crying at t.v. shows. I don't think this is going to quit, I think it just means that it is time I stop watching t.v. I am two weeks away from being off bed rest, two weeks two weeks two weeks!!! It seems like it has been forever and that two weeks will be forever and I have watched more television during this pregnancy and recovery than I have watched in my entire lifetime and I cannot wait to go swimming and sculpt and lift things that weigh more than ten pounds and just run around and not be stuck in bed healing.
Apparently a side effect of bed rest is crazy run-on sentences, who knew?

You've been great though, seriously. You've been driving your father crazy because you spit up... but I guess he missed the memo. BABIES SPIT UP. A LOT. MORE THAN YOU THINK IS HUMANELY POSSIBLE. So much, in fact, that you think your baby has been switched or perhaps possessed by Satan and any minute now his head will start spinning and that spit up will take on a shade of green that is too close to pea soup for comfort. Maybe these are things only mommies know, but I sincerely doubt it. Daddy will figure things out for himself eventually.

I'm already planning your Halloween costume, I want to dress you up like Link from Zelda. And your father thought that because I didn't have a baby girl I wasn't going to get to play dress up. Add that to the list of things for your father to figure out: DADDY IS ALWAYS WRONG.

Love Mommy.

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