Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting back to it

Storybook Mermaid
Acrylic & Colored pencil on canvas
Here is the first painting I made after giving birth. I really like the varying colors on her tail... the rest is odd to me.
I just really wanted to paint a mermaid.

Everything I do is one-handed now. One hand is ever-attached to the baby and I'm literally typing with my right hand... the left is cradling a sleeping-hiccuping-snuffling bundle. He is so congested, its terrible... the noises he makes! He sounds like a monster. Poor little guy.
So I go about my days one-handed. Because the first thing I learned as the parent of a newborn (whoa. I just thought about that sentence.) is that if the baby is comfortable and sleeping contentedly then you do not move him. Don't do it.

I started another painting a few days ago, I have an image in my head I need to get out. Which, of course, means all the other paintings I've started, to exorcise persistent images, are now set aside. What can you do? I just follow everything where it leads, hopefully it will give me the break from the other pieces that I need, and then I can go back and paint with a fresh eye.

The piece is 18x24" so until I get a decent camera I won't be able to post anything on it.

Holding On
acrylic on canvas
9"x12" I think

I've been adding to and changing bits of this painting since I started it a year ago. I like the background now.. not so bright boring bluey-blue, and I tried to soften the details of her face and body. I don't know if anyone can even tell the difference... but I can.

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