Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 months!

Happy 3 months little elf baby!
You'll look at these photos soon enough, and know just what dorks mommy and daddy really are. Next up, tunic, sword, and shield. So you can be a proper elf baby!
Grandma and I made that green Link-hat out of a green scarf I had. Its one size fits all, I can wear it! Daddy thinks I look super-duper silly in it. We also made a striped guitar plushie, its perfect sized for your right now! I haven't stuffed it yet, because I want to get the right stuff, in case you rip it apart or something. Choking on stuffing = bad times.

You drool all over the place now, and chew on everything. You've found your hands, so now every time you see your fists, you put them in your mouth. No, not one at a time. You see one, and then try to fit BOTH in your mouth. Then you slobber everywhere. Fun times! Now you are very cranky at night, fussy and crying for seemingly no reason. You have a hard time eating, you just chew on the nipple and then cry. You have trouble getting to sleep at night, and then you have trouble staying asleep. Sometimes we look at you whimpering and flailing in your sleep and wonder what could be the problem. Nightmares? Gas? We think you are teething, at three months, teething. Ah, what a special hell this will be. My poor little elf-baby. At least you are happy to see me in the morning.

You get one nice long nap during the day and then its play time. You hate tummy time. It makes you yell and scream and fake-cry. We call it fake crying because its more like a drawn out whine. We don't think you'll ever roll over again, or learn to crawl. You don't like laying down on your back or tummy. You want to sit straight up or stand. Maybe you'll skip crawling and just start walking.
I can't imagine the trouble you'll get into.


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