Monday, February 7, 2011

A Lolita Valentine

Love Birds
Acrylic on paper

I do these cutsey little girl paintings when I am testing out a technique. They are sweet and smaller than the pieces that I have been working on, and so quick to do... comparatively. Whenever I get stuck or too into a painting to 'mess it up' I step back and paint something pretty and frivolous and silly and fun. Usually I'm nailing an idea or a technique or I'm experimenting with color and its safe, and I don't feel like I am going to ruin a larger piece I've been working on for months. Which is a silly notion anyway.
I also like them because I can share them. At 9x12" these pieces on paper fit almost perfectly on my scanner, where as the 18x24 pieces need to be photographed and I can't share them.
This one just turned into what it is now. It started out as a girl, then there were birds, then there was pink and hearts and lace and now its completely different. Its super pink lolita valentine. I like it.

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