Sunday, June 26, 2011

Painting a day - Day 1- Portrait of Keian

Shame on me, I've never painted a portrait of my baby, my 2-year-old son Keian.

So to start off this whole painting experiment - I painting this quick acrylic piece of him.  Lots of thin washes built up wet into wet.  Something like working with watercolor of goache.
 I'm starting a painting a day because I herniated 2 disks in my lower back and I'm stuck at home.

  I'm committing to making a piece of art a day to keep myself busy, or else my brain will turn to mush and I will start painting redrum on the walls. Just kidding...maybe.

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Liquid Sky Arts said...

This is amazing, I'm so glad serendipity found us doing a painting a day... so lovely!