Tuesday, February 19, 2008

art Everywhere!

Why is it that after you move, it takes so long to get settled in? I think everything that needs to be out is unpacked... I think. There are still a couple of boxes in the closet and pantry with art stuff in them, but I will have the get to them some other time because I'm running outof space! My corner of the room is completely covered in art things. I was so excited when I was unpacking I found a bunch of fun little treasures that I thought I had lost. I was so so sad when I thought that I had lost yet ANOTHER group of paintings, but No! I unpacked a box today and there were my little wooden pieces and canvas panels waiting for me. Yay! Yay!

You see, normally when I move I end up losing a bunch of paintings... Anyway, I'm not going to be sad about that.

I do have all my art supplies and pieces, but when we moved we didn't take any furniture, only the computer. I don't have a table or an easel yet, but we have a king sized bed, so I paint and draw on the bed... I just spread out all my supplies and sketchbooks and paints and brushes and get to work. Slowly slowly slooooooooooowly we are getting furniture-type things. At the store this weekend we bought a computer desk, and a scanner/printer. Yay! I spent most of the day scanning all sorts of things.

Firefly Galaxies Gloomy and Ghost White

Like these wood panels that I unpacked.

They are around 5x7 so they fit in my tiny scanner, too bad my 16x20 canvas panel won't fit... next we will just have to buy a camera. ^_^

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