Tuesday, February 19, 2008

no sleep...must scan

I was counting all the Works In Progress while I was scanning. I have quite a few... I hope there are a million other people out there just as bad as I am. I always five or ten different projects and get stuck on some, like some more than others, or have more inspiration for some. Then I am sitting back feeling accomplished because I've finished one, and there are nine others starting back at me. "Finish me! Finish me!" Which, of course, I do not... I start up another five or so more. ^_^

Speaking of finishing things, how do you know when you are done? I never know. I have this one poor little painting that has been at least four other paintings, but I keep painting over it. Maybe I can name it Indecisive. Ha! (I am really horrible with naming paintings, really horrible. Sometimes I just name them the first thing that comes into my head.)

I am really proud of my little printer/scanner. It prints so nicely, and fast, and Quiet. I can't wait to start making millions of paper craft things like some of those from Paper Forest I will end up covering our little desk with armies of paper birds and people, mwahaha!

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete with out some art lovlies: These two are The Rain Queen and Angel Hair (See what I mean about titles ?) The Rain Queen is all sorts of mixed media on bond paper. Markers/colored pencils/glitter gel pens/paint/collage papers/tissue paper/mica powders... and more probably. She is metallic and glittery in some parts. I really don't know when to stop ^_^ Angel Hair is simple, markers and colored pencil on Bristol. The no-iris thing bothers some people, but I like it the way it is. I also love the scribble technique ... Ursula Vernon of Metal and Magic had a tutorial for it on her deviant art page, and it is ever so much fun. If you are ever feeling to 'tight' with your pencils or paints or whatever, it is a fun fun fun way to scribble and create texture and shading. Scribble! Basically you create a colored ground with acrylics (I used markers) and then over the top of it you make little scribbly bits with colored pencils. So, uhm, check out her art. (Or her blog...) Because she is can paint and is hilarious, and...uhm... I said so.

Well then. The next three are pieces from last year, two are from when I was playing with monotype printing techniques, and the other is a painted sketch which has the same girl plus floaty hair thing that I've been doing for... well, since I started doing this art thing many moons ago. I believe I named them Pink Heart Star Girl and Painted Hearts. The names don't really matter to me. I just keep having this image in my brain and I paint it and draw it and doodle it, and it doesn't leave me. Hearts and stars and pink and girlies oh my! It seems I have stopped being able to speak intelligently about my work.

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