Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Progress

I am working my way through my "Work In Progress" stack... slowly but surely. (It is huge!)

Thought Process Cho and Second Thoughts These are also the last of the wooden panels for now. (I think) There is a lot of black, purple, and red in these pieces, and for one reason or another they just don't feel quite Done yet. (I always have this problem.) Thought Process has a lot of things going on in it that you just can see here. There are girls with floating hair floating in clouds, roses that bleed, paint rivers that turn into pages, then birds, then butterflies. Well thats the idea so far, it is still coming together. Cho is based off of a photo of Margaret Cho I saw in the paper. Second Thoughts has evolved quite a bit from what it started out as, in the beginning it was very bright green with gold metallics. She has no eyebrows! HA, I just noticed. Anyhow, these pieces are put them aside for now until I can think of something else to add. I do this with everything which is why my WIP stack is...well... stacking up.

This untitled piece is based off of the Little Red Riding Hood story. There is a lot of collage work happening in the background that I am hoping to reveal in certain bits, and continue layering on paint and more paper. It is interesting to see something in such a beginning stage, this is where, if I don't like it, I will paint completely over it. (Improbable here, there is a lot of tissue and paper collage under all that white.) Little Red has a mood to it that I like, so I will keep painting it and posting progress.

And lastly is a painting for my little sister Krista, Magical Dream Squid. The caption (if I had one...) should read "While other little girls had sparkle ponies to play with, my little sister would go on dream adventures with her magical squid." I started this painting with acrylics, and I finished it digitally. (So, unfortunately, the hard copy remains unfinished and In Progress)

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