Monday, March 3, 2008

Hectic Weekend!

I made this pink sweetie bird (its only one, just two views) out of gourd, paper, and paper clay. Her beak is a bit of paper clay, her wings, twirly curl, and tail are paper. She is so sweet, I want to sculpt a nest for her. And bunches of bird friends... I can also make her into an ornament, so I can't decide now if she should be sitting or hanging. Pink Sweetie is only one of the things that completed this busy busy weekend...

After Wednesday of last week things took a turn for the crazy and hectic over here in Katlandia. On Thursday I got a call from a mystery number, which turned out to be my mum. She had been trying to rescue a stray cat and kitten from her work, and the cat would have none of it. She ended up getting scratched up pretty badly on her hand. That is an understatement, of course, but medical descriptions are always sort of nasty. Let's just say the cat scratched through a blood vessel and well, it was messy. Mum was whisked away to the hospital, and could I please stay with my little sisters for the evening?
They aren't exactly little anymore, but it is always fun having a sleepover with my sisters. Mum came home late late that night, groggy from the medicine they put her on and went to bed.

Yet, our adventures were not over! Apparently the antibiotics weren't enough, because she had to go back to the hospital with an infection and be treated again. Not fun!

The oldest of my three little sisters was at a party and jumped feet first into a shallow bit of lake, and broke her ankle, so now she has a cast on. I believe it was only a hairline fracture or something like that, so she will only need the cast for a month or two. She was more upset because her junior Prom is soon, and she didn't want to go on crutches.

Plus, on Friday! My Dad went to the courthouse and married his long-time girlfriend. Hooray! They didn't want a fancy ceremony, but there will be a big party on the beach soon. (This is Florida, we could have had one on Saturday... but broken legs and mangled hands ruined a lot of plans.)

Everyone is in better spirits now that the weekend is over. It sure was a long one. Of course, even in all that chaos we had a lot of downtime. I worked on a couple of pieces, and happened to bring home a lot of fun things to play with. Little sister number two was given a new set of art supplies (from a random stranger) included in the set were a pack of pantone tria markers, micron pens, and a lot of drafting supplies. I love markers, especially these really nice ones, my prismacolors are almost dried out. So we spent the day drawing and coloring pictures with the pens and markers.

My Invisible Heart I used tracing paper to trace and perfect an image from my sketchbook, but the carbon paper I have left blue marks all over my page. I'll have to figure out another way to transfer the image onto my paper. Oh man, these markers were so much fun. I borrowed a bunch of them when I left, to be able to color at home.

Plus I found my sparkley-glitter fairy ornament from Christmas. I borrowed the digital camera, so I can take pictures of all sorts of things now! The scanner is awesome, but, uhm, not for 3-d objects ^_^

The fairy is covered in glitter. It is Everywhere. I think she is made out of resin. At least, her head/torso and arms are. Her legs are cloth, with wire to pose. The arms are pose-able as well, and she hangs. I customized a fairy like this for my friend's girlfriend, my older sister, and the boy's mom for Christmas. Now I have one left... hmm. I wonder what I am going to do with it.

Now I could only figure out how to take nice pictures with this camera.Instead of being able to take awesome pictures, I take okay pictures and then edit them! Ha! This mermaid is sculpted with paper clay over gourds. I used some of my favorite yarn for her hair. I am making her for my boyfriend's mom, her birthday is this month.
The boy's mom loves handmade gifts... so far I have made her a gourd purse (it is so awesome, it has two koi in blue and pink. Next time I am over at her house I will have to get a photo) a wood-burned cigarbox, a fairy, and now this mermaid.

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