Friday, March 7, 2008

Whats new?

.Me? Just been busy painting and doing those sorts of things. I've got one painting that I keep re-painting every once in a while, I've been taking pictures of my process and keeping a small record of where the painting has been. Or what it has been, any how. This is the newest version. I like a lot of the parts of it, and I don't like some of it. I'm not sure if that green hair will stay.


The mermaid I've been sculpting for the boy's mom is finished. Waaaaaaay late for her birthday, but the boy doesn't think it will be a problem (his mom loves my work! Yay!) So here is a picture for the blog before she gets mailed out. Man o Man was that bead and wire tiara a paint in the hands. I will definately make more, though. ^_^

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