Monday, March 10, 2008

Late Night

I can't sleep, but I do have some art stuff to share. She made wishes on Dandelions (New painting, new title) I think I am finished with this painting, haha, finally. I liked the blue, but I gave her brown hair to ground the piece and airy white details of swirls and dandelions, and swirly dandelion. And a chubby cute little bird. It was definitely a lesson in patience and painting. I've already applied what I learned painting this piece to other paintings.

Here is another new project, my shoes! I found this pair of shoes for $7.50... the uppers are made out of canvas, I paint on canvas, so I painted on my canvas shoes. I made sense to me! This is the start of my new shoes, that I really love already!
They will probably stay mismatched, because I like 'em like that, and the paint is metallic. Yay! sparkle shoes!


ting said...

I'm juz surfing around the internet as i'm quite bored at the moment. Looking through you blog, your paintings, esp shoe and pink birdie and can't help leaving a note. They are really nice, like extremely nice type. :-)

Katlandia said...

Thanks! I'm wearing those shoes everywhere! I want to make a matching (Or would that be a mismatching?) purse to go along.