Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time passes in a blur

School starts again soon, which means my younger sisters will all be going back. The oldest of my younger sisters will be a senior in high school this year, wow. Wow. I remember when I was a senior in highschool. Time flies, yes?
Roo, the youngest, was over for a week or so, there were so many things we were supposed to do... mostly we just read and drew/painted/cooked. Roo lives chicken noodle soup, so we made chicken noodle soup three times that week. We also made char siu bao, eclairs, cream puffs, brownies, egg rolls, and more things than I can think of right now.

The most fun was sitting around and reading and doing nothing together... but we also spent a lot of time researching images to paint on her school shoes. She wanted characters and worlds from Kingdom Hearts... which happen to be rather difficult to paint on the 2 inches of space I had on her shoes. I managed, she loved them.

Caitie came over with her camera and helped me take pictures of all my 3-d pieces.... but I didn't know that after 200 flickr starts deleting your oldest picture to make room for the new ones.
I should have known, they tell you, but I didn't process that info. So a lot of the professional pictures I had taken of the gourds, and my older paintings, are MIA. I hope I have the images somewhere on this computer.

I have a lot newer ones to show, which makes me happy, I keep making 3-d things, that I can't scan, and then I want to share. I just make a bunch of polymer clay jewelry for my sisters. There are a lot of pieces - necklaces and earrings, with little cute ghosts and ice creams, lollipops, strawberries, cherries, an octopus for Roo, fortune cookies, chocolates, a monkey for Caitie, a cupcake, a Jack Skellington for Kerri, well I lost track. I made a lot, they are seriously addictive... They are so tiny, and so colorful, and so much fun! I could sit around making little clay jewelry pieces forever. ( I think the octopus is my favorite, he came out so cute. Or maybe the ghosts...) Also, it doesn't take a lot of clay, or a long baking time to make them... so instant gratification! I haven't used polymer clay in a long long long time (I would rather use paperclay) so I might try to make more sophisticated jewelry pieces.

I made shoes for Kerri, with two of her favorite characters from Avatar on them.

And I have more jewelry to make, so I'm off!

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