Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Keian, 2.5 months

Hey little-little. My sweet elf baby. Can you believe it? A little more than two weeks and you will be three months old. Everyone thinks you are older because you have so much hair!

I told myself that I would be one of those moms that would write everything in the baby book: every sneeze, hiccup, every milestone. I need to stop lying to myself, there isn't enough time to write everything down.

You've had so many new experiences now! You've driven out of state lines on our first vacation, you've started your first bit of baby babbling, you even rolled over. We went to Georgia for Father's Day with your Grandpa, Aunts, and Uncle Joey to visit your Great Grandma and Great great Grandma. There were a lot of family members squeezed into those three and a half days, and a lot of driving. You went swimming, briefly, in the very warm pool. You said what we all swear was "ouchie!" plus a lot of BA! and MA! loudly, and sporadically. Your Uncle Joey payed guitar for you, and you are utterly fascinated with all things music. You really enjoy classical music and classic rock. You smile at me more, and you eat a ton. You're a little chunka-chunk now, its so cute. You have chubby little tootsie roll legs. You are too big for some of your newborn outfits already. It all goes by so fast, you know? One minute you were a tiny tiny baby, now you can almost hold your head up by yourself. You love to stand up when we hold you, and you are always wide-eyed, looking at everything.

While we were visiting my uncle you were playing with your Aunt Kerri and started to roll over. This scared your aunt. Everything you do scares your aunt. But I told her to let you go, and you rolled completely over, I was so excited I yelled and it startled everyone.
You sleep easier now, in your crib no less. You still won't take a pacifier for more than a couple of seconds, you realize there won't be any milk coming out, and then you get angry. Your dad gives the pacifier to you now just to see the expressions you make. Isn't he nice?

Our favorite place to go during the day is the library. You are so quiet during car rides and well behaved in public places. I'm glad I can go out with you and not worry about you screaming like other kids. I'm aware this could change, I hope it doesn't. Your eyes are still blue, I hope that doesn't change too.
I just keeping taking pictures because I know you will never be this little ever again.


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Renee said...

You dear boy is beautiful and he doesn't need all the whens of when he sneezed but I am sure that he will love all these little heartfelt tributes to him.

Renee xoxo