Monday, July 6, 2009


I did it I did it I did it! I did it~ whew! I listed two of my original paintings on Etsy.

Oy! I know, everyone is on Etsy. Listen, I've been thinking about doing this since 2006 or so, set up my name in 2007. Here it is 2009... and I finally listed two of my paintings!
I always just paint for myself, especially now, but I am already out of space to hang and store all of my pieces. I seriously have no more room, my poor shelves are a cluttered mess, and what is worse, a lot of my paintings are living in drawers, hidden, stacked on one another. I'd like for my girls to get out there in the world and have new, loving homes, so I can paint more.

I'm always so scared of putting myself out there, but I gave birth (!!I'm a super hero, now I can do anything!!), surely I can list a couple paintings on the internet.
What a thrill! What a relief.
So far I've only listed two: Protecting and Storybook Mermaid. Very affordable originals, 11X14 for just $45.00.

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Chrisy said...

oh my lord girl these are wonderful...and so inexpensive....maybe take lots of photos of them so that you can turn them into prints to sell...