Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I learned from my two new favorite paintings.

Tattooed Muse
Acrylic on Canvas

Have I ever mentioned that I am total crap at naming my personal pieces? This one is my favorite, she is my muse. She embodies everything I have been considering painting concept and technique-wise.
I'm thinking about saturated colors, flowers, energy, patterns, tattoos, art nouveau influences, and things with wings. I'm always thinking about the differences between holding on and letting go, both physically and emotionally. I'm perfecting my girls, my expressions, my faces. Sometimes I see little glimpses while I am painting- that perfect face, that perfect curve to her lips, and I'm still painting because I'm not there yet.

Angel of Sunset
Acrylic on Paper

I love painting flowers + girls + feathers. I bought myself a 10-pack of Golden Fluid Acrylics, and I love them. I love the fluid consistency and I love how pure and bright they are, even when I mix them. My work is bright and intense now. They dry fast, but holy moly, a dab of paint goes far with these guys.
Sometimes I really want to paint something pretty, without all the big ideas and big technique I cram into my other pieces. The balance for me is somewhere in between these two pieces, between something challenging and something effortless, big ideas and big fun. The more I paint, the more I know.

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