Friday, May 27, 2011

My Pirate Office and Art Fort

We moved into a nicer, somewhat larger, home in March. It was a freezing cold weekend and I had acute bronchitis that turned into pnuemonia; I was working full time that week and we were trying to move everything ourselves, with a two-year-old in tow. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it.
Almost June and I'm finally, finally! unpacked completely and settling in to this place. Inspired and fired up with the Spark Kit in my hot little hands... on my hot little desktop just doesn't have that ring to it... I nailed a bunch of holes in the wall and set up shop in one corner. The dining room has been commandeered and its now the pirate office and art fort that I've been needing to get together.
For two days now I've been working and painting and painting and working. I ran out of wall space and nails before I ran out of in-progress paintings to hang. Cluttered but functional: I have to see everything I'm working on all at once or I forget about it.

Seriously, I stopped counting after 22 pieces.
Photos of the mess? I have no shame.

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