Monday, February 25, 2008


A long time ago I dyed a bunch of papers with koolaid and tea (no one was going to drink the koolaid...) and I just discovered them in a box of papers that I haven't dug through it a while. In that same box there was a big bound stack of scrapbooking papers that I bought because it was on sale. Now I have a lot more surfaces to paint on. (Yay for unpacking and finding fun things!) So, of course, I sat down immediately to paint two new ideas from my sketchbook instead of being good and finishing something I had all ready started. Oh well, I can be good later.
I did manage to finish two pieces. Of course they were two completely new pieces, and nothing from my In Progress stack. (Arg.) But they are finished.

She is named Spring because I was thinking about spring when I painted this. I live in Florida, and we don't experience much in the way of seasons changing but when I did live somewhere cold that first bit of warm weather, the birdsong, and the bits of green were really exciting. There is a tiny sketch in my sketchbook that had a lot of these elements to it, but once I started painting it evolved into its own thing... as paintings usually do. (That is the tea&koolaid dyed paper, I used the fruit punch sort. Too bad it doesn't smell like fruit punch. It smells like paper.)

I was thinking about Alice in Wonderland with this one, so it is now titled Alice. Or Tilty Alice. Just look at her face, I think she is a bit more precocious than your usual Alice. Maybe she's the Alice type to you, maybe not... Maybe I just wanted to paint a little girl and her dog-sized rabbit. I am very happy with the limited palette. And now I want to paint an entire series of little girls and animals.

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